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MobiPro International (Pvt) Limited is a tech trading company, offering wholesale and retail of all tech brands. We have international trading exposure with customer base in Europe, USA & Hong Kong. In Pakistan, we are the pioneer of secondary mobile & smartphone market.

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Prequently asked questions

Do you sell original iphones?

Yes, we sell original iPhones in new and used condition. We processed every used item through authentic diagnostic tools like NSYS and make sure safe & secure data cleansing. Further, first time ever in Pakistan, we provides MobiPro one year after sale warranty on used & second hand iPhones with payment after check facility in big cities of Pakistan.

Can we check smartphones before payment service in all over Pakistan?

Right now we are providing free open parcel delivery in four major cities of Pakistan including Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Through this service, customer can check ordered device before payment.

How can I assess and check used product quality?

First, customer can check full product disclosure provided along with every item. Then customer can check unique diagnostics report, attached with every used iPhone & smartphone. Further making sure guarantee and surety; we are providing our own after sale support & service for one year, after every order.

What is your return policy?

On purchase of smartphones & iPhones, we are providing one year after sale support & service warranty. We are also providing buy back option. Customer can exchange his or her device by getting valuation from our Tech experts and then he or she can upgrade his or her device. For further details, you can check our return policies here

What is your shipping policy?

All orders of smartphones & iPhones delivered all over Pakistan with free delivery. In specified cities, customer also can avail open parcel check facility..

Further, we are providing free delivery on all accessories order above rupees 1000. Below this Rs. 150 delivery will be charged for all orders

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