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Who We Are

MobiPro is the most trustable online retail & wholesale brand for purchase of all kinds of smart phones, tech accessories and latest smart gadgets. We are in tech industry for almost 18 years with established performance record in wholesale and mobile export market. We are known by our full product disclosure, reliable & dependable product selection & processing procedures and extreme customer care led by full return policies. Furthermore, our one window solutions offers convenience with affordability. Our packs truly supports economy with more utility.

Our Vision & Mission

We aim to be part of tech revolution by providing trustable, economical and latest smart tech to everybody with original brand guarantee and utmost customer care & service.
Our mission is to provide easy access to technology to everybody by providing less cost smart & technology solutions at their door step.

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Smart Technology & Accessories at Affordable Rates

Our customers are of utmost importance for us; not only before sale but also during after sale support. We are providing authentic technology at affordable rates with full return policy. That’s way, first time in Pakistan, MobiPro is setting benchmarking in customer care.

If you are looking for one place for all kinds of smart solutions, then our accessories collection is the one stop solution for you, which offers all kinds of smartphone accessories, smart home appliances, smart pads and smart watches from world renowned brands.

Latest & Trending Smart Phones with Guaranteed Condition & After Sale Support

We as exporter cum wholesaler import latest top notch smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Note Series, Samsung S Series etc from direct carrier, which enable us to make full disclosure of all the things we offer at our online platform. Through this, first time in Pakistan, we are building secondary smartphone market with proper brand guarantee at lowest prices. This direct import process also enable us to cater local user needs by providing needed accessories along all kinds of luxury devices.

Our process for selection of smartphones starts from authentic carrier report on condition of all items. Then we verify each device against its claim and obtain full diagnostic report from 3rd party internationally accepted diagnostic tools like NSYS, which then re-confirm us to give assurance level that our customer expected from us. By going further extends, we are giving full return policy with buy back options and also check service before payment. To make sure independent evaluation and true reporting to users; we uses third party tools which provides genuine customer reviews against every product.

The Trusted Smart Tech & Mobile Phone Online Shopping

Inspite of increasing demand of smartphones; classic mobile phones still hold their spot mainly due to convenience, simplicity, lowest pricing and durability. Hence, we are providing vintage keypad mobile phones with our signature brand guarantee. Our classic mobile phone range includes all kinds of Nokia & Samsung phones.

For customer convenience, we segmented every like item separately under smartphones, classic phones, economy packs and accessories. Another category we specially made for tech pro customers who are looking for latest technology updates are trending category, which provides hot selling items globally and locally.